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Does Your Past Weigh You Down?

Have you ever heard the term “sometimes we are our own worst enemy”? Based on my experience with people and my own life, I can tell you that statement is so true and then some. Everyone wants to be free of their past, no matter what it may be. A person's past can hold them back from achieving their dreams. Experiencing love the way it should be can be ruined by feelings from the past.

Until about 12 years of age, the way we live, the sounds we hear, the fears we feel, and the pain we experience shape our inner self for the rest of our lives. Thus, the enemy is born.

There is no perfect start to life and the norm is there is no normal. Among the few who stop to consider change, to improve their lot in life, it can be a cycle of searching as to how they can make lasting change.

What are one's options? Attend the latest "change your life" seminar? Read all the self-help books you can get your hands on? Pray for strength and change? Find a mentor? Or just take action? Each of these can be great ideas if they are followed through with. It may be true that only a very few succeed who do this.

What makes so few people who want to change, grow, and achieve whatever success to them means successful? Almost always, people who start their day with a new attitude later on in the day revert to where they don't want to be, back where they started?

The answer to this question is easy. Most of the time, it's all the junk our subconscious has amassed in the first dozen or so years of our lives. It affects everything you do, how you feel, and how you perceive the world. These things exist for a reason, and you got attached to them for a reason as well.

Has anyone ever told you, "You'll never change"? We have all heard that at some point in our lives. The question is, what are the best ways to change for the better? The subconscious is the root of ALL change. It is inevitable that you will fail if you do not alter the subconscious programming. I can show you in 10 minutes a person who was able to achieve "enduring" change by altering their subconscious mind. Most of the time this happened accidentally.

Educate yourself about hypnosis and how it can be the tool to let go of the anchor of the past that is weighing you down. Take action now!

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