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Eliminated: Anxiety and Depression

I want to share with you all about one of my most recent clients. I have a client, 30 yo male living with his parents, that came to me due to an event over 2 years ago at his prior job that affected him in that he had physical and emotional responses that prevented him from leaving his house. The triggers seemed to be, according to him, heat and leaving his house. This prevented him from working during this time. He had been to seven different counselors, therapist and medical Dr’s. As you can guess the diagnosis was “anxiety and depression” and then gave him pills. He told me ALL the therapist and psychologist he went to all wanted to talk about the issue. He in his wisdom said this does not make sense to him to JUST talk about what he is going through.

I met with him for the initial interview at which time I determined he was a snambolist. His sister drove him to me. He lived over an hour and 45 away, which told me he and his family were at their limits as to what to do. I needed to determine if he wanted to solve the issue or if it was his family, remember 30 yo man living with his parents = no responsibility. Now he is of Mexican heritage, his folks are from Mexico and the Mexican culture as a different view of kids/family and being self-sufficient. I do not mean this in a negative way, but they tend to live together regardless of age and share resources. I know several families like this.

I created a plane for him that consisted of an initial 4 sessions and a custom recording to listen to. First session he went really deep with visible ab-reactions. He returned two days later for the second session this time his father came with him and sat in on the session. Needless to say, both went into trance and both felt great afterwards. Anyway, without going too deep, as with many client’s real issues were exposed and I further modified my approach. I also used the second session to determine what kind of recording I was going to customize for him. His next sessions were set for the following week and I sent him his recording via a drop box. In the meantime, I had him do the following. EVERYDAY he had to leave his house and take a 30-minute walk away from his house and on his return, he had to take 40 minutes to get back. Living here in Texas and growing up in the country we had animals, horses. Sometimes a horse was what we called “stall crazy”, where you take them out of the stall and all they want to do is get back in the stall. Basically, the same thing my client was dealing with.

I also had him do simple exercises on his walk. Every 3rd driveway he passed he had to do pushups or body weight squats. I wanted him to increase his respiration, I wanted him to breath deep. I eliminated the words “anxiety/depression” and “accident” from his vocabulary because this seemed to be a words that reinforced certain feeling. I replaced the words with different words and then I “set/framed” the meaning of them with him. I use the elimination of words a lot with clients so as to change the sheets on their bed so to speak. I tend to want to find out if the person I am working with is teachable and/or coachable and sometimes I give assignments to test this, to test them and their level of commitment. As a Martial Arts practitioner and teacher, I tend to have a good sense of people.

We ended up doing 7 sessions and 3 custom recordings over the course of almost 5 weeks as well as other assignments. Prior to the last session he was driving, had applied to 4 different companies for work, leaving the house with no issues and is again thinking about looking for a girlfriend. His family is extremely satisfied with the results and have told me he is night and day from when he started AND no more medication!!

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