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Hypnosis is powerful, but......

Hypnosis is powerful, but it is no absolute magic bullet. But then again it is a magic bullet. In working with people who have come to me for various issues I have seen one common thread in almost every person. In that thread is that they have tried "everything" to help them overcome whatever it is that they need to overcome.They are now in fact looking for that "magic bullet" because it's their last hope. The challenge or problem with hypnosis lies in the fact that it is so very simple. Simple in the sense that a person who comes in and experiences are first hypnosis session and then leaves feeling better than they did when they came in and all they had to do was sit in a recliner and listen. That's their interpretation. But as experienced hypnotist we know that things are not so simple. There's a lot that goes into a first session of hypnosis for a person. People think that just because they sit and listen that it should be more complicated than that, it should not be as easy. So a person completes her first session there seems to be a high drop-off rate in follow-up sessions that these people need in order to experience true success. But success will elude them because they've chosen not to complete their journey with hypnosis. And for that they miss out on so much and in all likelihood will continue carrying the hurt, the fears or the things it keeps them from accomplishing what God has intended. It amazes me that a person will come in and pay for my stop smoking program, which I require payment in full, do one session and then never called back to schedule the second session or if they scheduled the second session simply not show up. So here's my advice to anyone who wants to experience the healing effects of hypnosis. Understand that most hypnotist and certainly the ones that I've met, do this because they want to help people, because the light has gone off in their head how powerful hypnosis is for a person. We are not into it for the money although we too need to make a living, but it's not there driving force. If you want hypnosis to help you make changes to your life, lifelong changes, YOU must be willing to accept that is going to take a few sessions to accomplish what you want to accomplish. We hypnotist want to help you, we want you to have success just don't tie our hands and expected to happen in one session.

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