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Wayne, today 16 Dec. 2012 I have quit smoking for one year. And never thought about it more than a nano-second. Fleeting. Thank you! Now what to do about nail-biting??



I wanted to quite smoking and had tried most everything. I saw an article in the paper about HYPNOSIS and how it works for quitting smoking. I decided to call. I met with Wayne and had three sessions with him. It has been 6 months and I have not had a cigarette since



I went for stopping smoking & wow! I haven't touched a cigarette since our first appointment! I was skeptical at first, but Wayne hit it out of the park! I am going back to him for other issues he can help with.

Sharal Hagstrom

A Month Ago

Highly recommend hypnotherapy with Mr. Wayne Walker. I couldn't walk, felt cramps all over my body, tight pressure in my head, blockage of breathing, sexual dysfunction, dry mouth, a problem with leaving the house, swollen kidneys, tight pressure in my throat, and much more. I tried everything for 2 yrs with Doctors and natural remedies and nothing work. With the 1st session I felt a huge difference, and it only got better. Please go for an incredible health recovery. It's almost a miracle how my life changed.

M.V . Rio Grande City TX.


Mr. Wayne you have been a life saver for my son, thank you for helping him out!! We all can see his change. To this day he is doing his exercises that you taught him

Thank you 🙏🏻

Mari R.


Weight loss

Wanted to let you know that when I got on the scale this morning I was down another 2 pounds! ! ! I am amazed that I have been able to drop 9.1 pounds in 8 days and it has been so effortless. I can't thank you two enough. The Gym Boss will help to make the exercising just as effortless.

I had thought about hypnosis in the past but never really pursued it. Originally I was going to be visiting my Mom a little earlier and may have missed you but thankfully someone had other plans for me. I can't remember feeling this good in a long time. My energy level has really increased and I am looking forward to getting out and doing more and more.




I was struggling with anxiety and after much therapy and medication it still kept coming back and I kept having anxiety attacks almost daily. I was skeptical but now I believe God gave Wayne a particular gift. I've been through difficult situations that should have caused much anxiety, but through these sessions I’ve learned how to find peace. These sessions not only helped me tackle anxiety but helped me to discover more about myself than I had ever imagined and helped me grow spiritually. I haven't had an anxiety attack in over 6 months and I feel much more confident that when tough times come, i have the tools within me to move forward. Thank you for everything Wayne!


8 Months Ago

I want to thank you for the help you gave me through hypnosis, it has changed my life in positive way, I use to cry because off my problem I use to have, and now I don't even think about it like I use to now it's an after thought , I recommended 100%.

M.R . Edinburgh TX.


I saw an article in the Valley Business Report about Hypnotist Wayne Walker in the March addition. It was very interesting to me since I am Mohawk and have always sort of known that there are miracles in our own mind, that we have the power to heal ourselves. I phoned him, he was out of town but I met him in the following weeks. I wanted some relief from an extremely stressful chronic situation. I had been undergoing some biased and harassing treatment at my place of work for many many years which finally had culminated in my filing against my employer when it got to the point that i knew i could not respect myself if i did not do so. I though ...



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