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Hypnosis can change a person faster and more efficiently

I have found when dealing with people in their issues that hypnosis has the ability to make the changes that they are wanting faster and more efficiently than any other treatment. I've had clients come to me that have completely exhausted other treatments or they've just been very unsatisfied with the results of those treatments. Typically, when a person calls me it's as a last resort.

As with most anything people have preconceived ideas about what hypnosis is and how it works. Some people will experience hypnosis get this "wow factor" others look at you like "is that all?" So the response a lot of time to somewhere in between. Another interesting thing is the fact that as a hypnotist I want to help people as quickly and efficiently as possible. That means doing as few sessions as necessary but I think that approach sometimes does a disservice to the client.

The number of sessions required will absolutely be less than other forms of treatment, but may take more treatments than initially thought.

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