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Dr. Leon Eisenberg confessed that he and his colleagues invented ADHD.

In the United States alone people spend close to $3 billion a year on ADHD drugs. Now why in your right mind you think that just because Dr.Eisenberg confessed on his deathbed that it was a made-up disease with the drug companies all of a sudden say "oh! Our bad, never mind!". You did hear me right, $3 billion a year just in the United States spent on ADHD drugs. This in of itself is criminal. These drugs are dangerous, addictive and have lasting effects on our children.

Why is it that no other country has the problems with their children that the United States does when it comes to ADHD?

Let me educate you for just a moment I'm going to give you some breakdowns of learning styles. I'm going to make this as simple as possible and although there are some additional variables you get my point. There are three primary learning styles

  1. AUDITORY people receive information best when they hear it with their own ears and can repeat and hear it again for clarity. Approximately 66% percent of the population learn this way.

  2. VISUAL people receive information best when they can see it and review it again by looking at it. Approximately 29% of the population learn this way.

  3. KINESTHETIC people receive information best when they can feel it, be a part of it and/or experience it and understand how it works. Approximately 5% of the population learn this way.

I want you to take a look at these three learning styles again and look at the population breakdown percentage and how these people learn. Did you do it? Good, now want you to take a WAG (wild ass guess ) and tell me which one of these learning styles tend to be diagnosed ADHD? I am going to help you just a little bit, these wonderful college-educated doctors say approximately 5% of the population is affected by ADHD.

So which one did you come up with? Now you come up with the third one, kinesthetic I want you to read again how these people learn. Which ones out of the three types of learning style do you think would have the most problems or challenges learning in schools the way they teach? I'm going to help you again, traditional schools are set up to teach in an auditory and visual fashion.

Now want you to think for a moment about your own self. If you were to try to learn something and the way that which you are being taught just isn't working than one or two things are going to happen, you're either going to shut down and reject everything or you're going to attempt in your own way to modify what you're being taught in a fashion where you can grasp it. Now talking to you as an adult I want you to imagine right now that you are a six, seven or even a 10-year-old in school and you are a kinesthetic. What do you think a kinesthetic child is going to do? They are going to get out of their seat, be disruptive because they cannot process information the way it is being given to them. And the teachers, in all their vast medical experience, now fill out a form and diagnosed that child as ADHD. And thus the ball starts rolling.

I will give you another newsflash 95% of the kids that are diagnosed ADHD are male and they are in fact kinesthetic. So we have 95% of the 5% being diagnosed with ADHD.

Why the problems now? It's very simple, it's plain as the nose on your face. Think back to 30 years ago and even further what are the things in school had that they don't, for the most part, have today? Come on think… In case you need help with things that schools had back then that they don't have today is PE, shop, automotive and all the other things that these kinesthetic males gravitated towards in order for them to get their kinesthetic fix for the day. Are you seeing a pattern here? So now that most schools don't have these types of classes anymore we just drug the kinesthetic males.

If there are teachers that cannot figure out how to teach these kids without the need for drugs then they should not be teachers. If schools cannot allow the teachers to teach in a fashion in which they teach everyone that we should not be sending our kids to the schools.

You know how much this pisses me off? I could go on for pages and pages and give you example after example of how this is true. I have worked with kids in my hypnosis practice, I have trained these kids in the martial arts. This is something that me and many instructors have known for years and we didn't need to go to any psych classes to learn different.

So I'll just put this out there to all you parents and grandparents who have little boys that been diagnosed with ADHD that if you allow this to persist you are contributing to child endangerment, child abuse and overall stupidity and being absent of having a brain. Do I make myself clear?

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