When people hear the word “Hypnosis” the first thing they imagine is a person barking like a dog. Most do not think of hypnosis in terms of how it can help sales people, sales teams, management, teachers, doctors and most other professions. Because of my experience in business to business sales, sales management, business development and being a Martial Artist I can put together a program for your company or organization that will improve performance on many, many levels. My programs are designed for the client and are not a cookie cutter program.

Areas that I can cover are:

  • How the Conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and the flight or fight mechanism works and why it matters

  • Why a person can be their own worst enemies

  • Personality types

  • Communication styles

  • Learning styles

  • Eye movement

  • Learning about the voice in your head

  • Identifying what is holding a person back

  • Why some people you just don’t click with

  • Getting the best out of people or Children

  • Understanding the past, present and future – now what?


If you are a business owner, training manager, human resources manager or any one that wants a unique, informing and lasting program that will have an impact on your people for years to come please give me a call to discuss your wants, needs or desires.


Now, go have a profitable day and be well,


Wayne Walker