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Welcome to The Hypnotist’s Roundtable. This is an idea for a small group of 4 to 5 professional, working hypnotist to come together weekly for an hour or so through Zoom. We come together for the following reasons. If you have received this link, you have been chosen to participate and become a part of this group. Below are some basic tenants of what will guide this group.

  1. Associate and learn from one another about all thing’s hypnosis

  2. Discuss in what works and what does not in growing our business.

  3. How to market our business

  4. Discuss techniques of various sorts

  5. Talk about the challenges we all face in the amazing field.

  6. And many other facets that will come up.

  7. For each of us to hypnotize each other weekly. This is important because as hypnotist we need what we offer others. If you have ever heard the term “The cobbler has no shoes” it because he is so busy making shoes for others, he has no time to make his own.

  8. Each person in the group is here to provide their input. We do not exist to critique the other unless asked to do so or to show how much we know.

  9. To grow and develop friendships.


There are many groups and organizations that exist for professional hypnotist to come together but most of the time you are nothing more that a body in a large group.


The first order of business is to determine a day of week and a time to meet via zoom. I am in central time zone in the Great State of Texas. I would suggest that we set up a zoom meeting to discuss this. My schedule is such that it is flexible enough to accommodate any day or time. I would like to set up the first meeting this weekend, Saturday March 12 between 4-8pm for an hour or so. Please get back to me if that works you all.


I look forward in meeting you all.


Wayne Walker

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