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So you want to Quit Smoking!

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If you have tried everything to quit smoking and failed, I want you to realize it's not your fault. EVERYTHING you have tried was not designed to stop you from smoking. You simply had the wrong approach and wrong focus. You see you already have "The Tool" you need to quit and become a non-smoker for the rest of your life. It's called your sub-conscious mind, after all it's what YOU programed to become a smoker to start with.

The #1 thing you MUST have to to start your journey in becoming a non-smoker is the unwavering desire to become a non-smoker. If you give me this one ingredient I can help you become not only a non-smoker but a never smoker.

Why must you Quit Smoking?

Let me share with you some depressing numbers about how smoking kills.

Smoking Deaths each year in the United States 500,000 per year  or a worse way to look at it is 1,370 lost lives per day!

2nd hand smoke kills 56,000 who don't smoke and did not want to die. That's 153  MURDERS per day!


In the RGV alone we will lose 400+ of our residents EACH MONTH! That's 13+ lives a day all because of Smoking…how stupid is that?

How so can Hypnosis Help you Stop Smoking


Hypnosis--Your best chance to quit

So how does hypnosis offer you the best chance to quit smoking?  It's pretty simple.  It's because hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious mind; the part of your mind that carries out your habituated patterns of behavior which includes smoking.  It's your subconscious that directs the body to feel the urge for a smoke.  Your subconscious mind knows exactly when it's time to light up another cigarette and it reminds you right on cue.  So the key to actually quitting smoking is to convince your subconscious mind that it's time to make a change.


What most people don't understand is that willpower is simply no match for the power of their imagination held within the subconscious mind.  The reason it's so difficult for people to quit smoking is that there is a part of themselves that still loves to have a cigarette, especially at those "special" times (after a meal, after a drink, etc.).  And the subconscious is aware of how much you love to have a cigarette at those special times.  Trust me, there's an easier way than sheer willpower which will fail 95% of the time.  


Some Revealing Statistics

In the largest study ever of its kind, results from the University of Iowa (Oct 1992 issue of The Journal of Applied Psychology) revealed that hypnosis was the most effective way of quitting smoking--three times more effective than the patch and 15 times more effective than willpower.  These findings came from statistics combining 600 studies of over 72,000 people from America and Europe.


How to Win the Battle Between the Conscious and Subconscious Minds

Actually, you don't really want to do battle with your subconscious mind.  Chances are pretty good you're going to lose.  There's a much better way.  If you want to be successful in quitting smoking, then get your subconscious mind to be your ally.  Let’s say you've been smoking for twenty years.  It’s pretty easy to make a conscious decision to quit.  Let’s say you realize smoking is bad for you and you’re aware smoking can often lead to cancer and sometimes death.  So you make a rational, conscious decision to quit.  So it should be pretty easy.  Right?  After all, you've made a conscious decision.  Your all-powerful conscious mind has decided that you've had your last cigarette.  Yet, everyday you keep lighting up smokes like clockwork..  So what’s the problem?  Why are you still lighting up the cancer sticks? 

Problem is you still have to convince your subconscious mind that you really do want to quit smoking.  Since your subconscious carries out all of your habituated behaviors and does so automatically, simply saying one day, “I'm going to quit smoking,” isn't going to be enough to convince your subconscious that you really want to quit.  After all, for twenty years you've been lighting up cigarettes and telling yourself how much you love to have a ciggy.   You love to light up during those “special” times.  You've spent the past twenty years or more convincing your subconscious how much you enjoy smoking and suddenly you’re changing your mind?  Not so fast.  Simply making the decision at the conscious level isn't enough.  And whenever there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious mind almost always wins out.  Why?  Because the subconscious is your emotional home and most of the time easily overrules the rational, conscious mind.  Since you have loved smoking so much for so long, and it is a deeply ingrained habit, you will very likely continue to smoke until you can get your subconscious mind on board in your effort to quit. 

Here’s where hypnosis comes into play.  Because hypnosis deals directly with the subconscious mind and can help you to get your subconscious mind to go along with your conscious mind in your effort to quit smoking.  Hypnosis can help you use your powerful motivations for wanting to quit smoking to trump and overcome your historical desire to smoke (based on your past love affair with smoking).  A good hypnosis stop smoking program can help convince your subconscious mind that you really do want to be a non-smoker.  Of course, you still have to find one of those good programs.

I boast that I have a 97% success rate with smokers, because I do! So whats the program? The program consist of three sessions all with 24 to at most 48 hours of one another, a custom hypnosis recording and a couple of other tools you will be given and trained on. Most of what you must do is to listen and follow instructions....That's it!

Here's the break down on sessions:

1 session = about a 50% success rate with a 75% chance of going back to smoking with 30 days

2 sessions = 65-70% success rate with a 20% chance of going back to smoking in 6 months

3 sessions = 80-85% success rate with a 5% chance of going back to smoking in 2years

If a fourth session is needed this is where 97% success rate with a 1% chance of going back to smoking in 5 years comes in. I/you will know by the 3rd session if a 4th session is needed.

Now the statistics are just that "statistics", based on numbers of people in a group. If you quite smoke with one session then it is a 100% for you but the % rates of going back to smoking still apply.

During the program you are provided with a custom "hypnosis" recording to listen to no less than 2X's a day plus I have two other tools that you will be given to help you through things "IF" they should arise, which they are only needed by 10% my clients going through my program.

So when your ready to stop this nasty habit simply pick up the phone and call me. It's really that easy.

Have a blessed day,

Wayne Walker

Master Hypnotist


Package Pricing for Specialty Programs

Stop Smoking Program : $1,250.00


I have a 95% success rate with helping Smokers become free of this habit.


My program consist of 3 in person / online sessions of hypnosis that all occur within a 7 day period. These 3 sessions will ensure that you have an 80%+ chance of becoming a non-smoker. This package also includes a customized audio recording that you will listen to everyday for the next 3 weeks. If a 4th sessions is needed, and this will be determined at session 3, then an additional cost will be $120 for session 4.


Guarantee: If after the 4 sessions you feel you need a reinforcement anytime within the first 12 months of completion of the program call and schedule this session and it will be “NO CHARGE or FREE”.

To book Mr. Walker for your next event, call    956-622-7989
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