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Can Hypnosis HELP you Lose Weight?

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The simple answer is YES, it can. Losing weight is simple, if you were to convert losing weight into a mathematical calculation it would look like this: reduce food intake + increase body movement = you will lose weight. There ya go, done! NOT!  

Newsflash! ALL DIETS WORK! You will lose weight on any diet…that you stick to. The challenge is the sticking to it part. I could go into a lot of psychco babble crap as to why and it’s not you fault. There is even a major movement to make being “FAT” okay and to an extent celebrated. The words being thrown about today are “Body shaming and Fat shaming”. You are not supposed to do that because it will hurt a person’s feelings and I agree, to an extent. If you are at an unhealthy weight, you already know it, no one has to tell that “hey, you are fat!”. Every time you go to the Doctor, he tells you, you need to lose weight.

The weight loss industry in 2020 was a $71 BILLION dollar industry. An estimated 45 million people went on a diet and 98% of them failed. People will spend money to get healthy and to get their weight under control. They already know it’s important to get healthy.


According to George Washington University:

  • The annual costs of being obese are approximately

       $4,879 for an obese woman and $2,646 for an obese man.

  • The costs for obese individuals are 15 times higher than the total costs of overweight individuals, irrespective of gender and employment status.

  • Direct medical costs account for the majority of costs borne by overweight individuals and obese men, while obese women are disproportionately affected by job-related costs, such as wages.

Go to and for more information


Why people gain weight and fail to lose it is not hard to figure out. Below are some issues that keep people from succeeding.

  • Mind-Body connection - Body image

  • Portion Control

  • Binge eating

  • Emotional eating

  • Boredom eating

  • Getting sugar addictions under control – using the band

  • Nighttime eating

  • Exercise Motivation - moving the body

  • Carbohydrates addictions under control - using the band

  • Eating slower - the mind-body connection

  • Making the RIGHT food choices

  • Crash Diet

  • Get distracted

  • Being around people who are dragging you down

  • Don’t give up too quickly if results are not visible


These are just some of the reasons people gain weight and why they fail at losing it.

Everyone has a story, their story, on why they gained weight and failed to lose it. So why do people fail?

There are two and much more important variables that if left out I will guarantee you will not lose weight and keep it off. That is the six inches between your ears and more specifically your Conscious and Subconscious mind. Both of these areas need to be addressed to lose weight and keep it off. You must create a NEW Natural You. As a hypnotist, I have experienced and seen some amazing things with hypnosis, how it affects people and the positive effects it has produced in people’s lives. Hypnosis can and will help you lose weight IF and only IF you accept a few things in the beginning. Hypnosis is not a magic bullet but is about as close to being one that you will find. If you want to lose weight and keep it off there are some things you need to realize and accept.

To find out what the secretes are and to learn more about how you can finally lose weight and never ever diet again.

These things are:

        and Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

  • The mindset you must establish at the beginning of your journey is this, you must become “FANATICAL” in your quest. You must be singerly focused.

  • EVERYONE in your household must be on board with your quest and commit to helping you.

  • EVERYONE in your household will be going on this journey with you. The chances are everyone in your household could stand to lose a few pounds, but you will be the leader in this group.

  • You are going to change the way you eat, what you eat and how you eat FOREVER.

  • There are certain foods you will no longer buy or eat.

  • Fast food in ALL forms. Any place that has a drive-through is off-limits until you reach 75% of your target weight.

  • ALL sweets, desserts, candy until you reach 75% of your target weight.

  • Bread, pasta, or any other processed wheat-based food until you reach 75% of your target weight.

  • The scale is your most important tool. You will use it every day first thing in the morning before you do anything. You will put it in the kitchen or in another common area that is used every day. It will not be hidden in the closet.

  • Going out to eat at any restaurant stops until you reach 75% of your target weight.

  • You MUST plan your meals for the week. This will save you time and headaches in the long run.

These are the basic rules you must adopt when you start this process. There can and will be modifications that will be discussed at the start or and during the program.

Program Outline

Weight Loss Session Breakdown and Schedule

This program is not a program that you "try", it is a program you grow in to and it becomes a part of your natural self. It is a commitment and there are requirements that you must adhere to. Please think long and hard before you commit to this program.

Week 1

  1. Mind-Body connection - Body image

  2. Portion Control

  3. Binge - Emotional – Boredom - Night-Time eating


Week 2

  1. Carbohydrates addictions under control - using the band

  2. Eating slower - the mind-body connection


Week 3

  1. Getting sugar addictions under control – using the band

  2. Exercise Motivation - moving the body

   Exercise session is for 15 minutes x 5 days a week. Total workout time will be 75 minutes a week. I will supply a list of exercises when you start this.


Week 4

  1. Fasting - I will let you know when to pick the dates to do this.

  2. The RIGHT food Choices - Eating the right foods and Portion control


Open Sessions if needed

  •   Open Session 1

  •   Open Session 2


          ***Sessions may be spread out more after week one.***


Follow up

  • 2 Weeks follow up call after completion of the program

  • 1 Month follow up call after completion of the program

  • 2 Month follow up call after completion of the program


Things to do NOW

  • Get a 7" inch plate, this will be your eating plate starting week 1

  • Purchase a HIIT timer at - we will go over the specific exercises at this time and you will perform a round that you will be doing

  • I need a list of sugar and carbohydrates items you have the hardest time with. I also need the two food items you really, really like to eat and then two that you will not eat under any circumstance.

**Includes 2 custom audio recordings.

At the conclusion of the program if you feel you need additional or reinforcement sessions on any area you feel is getting in your way these sessions a discount of 40% will apply during the first year and 30% on the second year.


For more information please schedule your FREE 30-minute Strategy Session from the menu. 

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