Individual client package:

Most Hypnotist charge by the session. I do not work by the session model. Each of my clients are worked with individually and we together have a strategy session to determine the best course for them. Once the strategy session is complete I will design a custom program to help you overcome your challenges. All of my programs ALWAYS include a custom audio recording, which you will listen to everyday for the next 30 days. This recording will only be about 15-20 minutes in length but it is vital to your success.


Once I design a program and it is completed and followed by my client, 90% of the of the time we are done working with one another. If you feel you need additional time with me, you will know, and you simply let me know. In exceedingly rare cases I will let you know additional time is needed.



My initial approach with 95% of the people I take on as clients start with 5 sessions and an audio recording.  Eight out of nine times this is all the sessions my clients will need. IF my clients need additional sessions they will know, thrust me on this, and will let me know. This process is not a long and drug out process of endless sessions. 

****House calls are at minimum an additional $50 per session****

Hypno-Lab Band Program


Designed for people who are considered Obese and need to shed at minimum of 75lbs. 

Every component of the Lap-Band Surgery is performed under hypnosis and the mind “THINKS” that the surgery has taken place. Call for details.

This program is an intense program that will change your life FOREVER!

Corporate Group sessions


***Offered for Quit Smoking and Weight Loss***