Individual client sessions:

Initial session is 60-70 minutes and is $145.

  • All follow up sessions are 30 to 60 minutes at $120 each.




*NOTE: Initial session is1.5 hrs. All sessions thereafter are 45-60 minutes

****House calls an additional $50 per session****


Package Pricing for Specialty Programs

Stop Smoking Program : $750


I have a 95% success rate with helping Smokers become free of this habit.


My program consist of 3 in person / online sessions of hypnosis that all occur within a 7 day period. These 3 sessions will ensure that you have an 80%+ chance of becoming a non-smoker. If a 4th sessions is needed, and this will be determined at session 3, then an additional cost will be $120 for session 4.


All sessions are audio recorded and then sent to you via the internet so that you can listen to them between sessions. These recording's will be listened to for the next 30 days.


Guarantee: If after the 4 sessions you feel you need a reinforcement anytime within the first 12 months of completion of the program call and schedule this session and it will be “NO CHARGE or FREE”.

Weight Loss Program : $950


This program is a 60 day intense program to change your life "FOREVER"

  • 6 in person custom hypnosis sessions. Each session is designed to reinforce the other to deal with EVERY variable of the weight loss challenge.

  • Introduction to Weight Loss and Introduction to Hypnosis: (Learn about Hypnosis and How It Will Help You Succeed In Your Weight Loss Journey)

  • Portion Control and reconnecting of Mind and Body to feel satisfied

  • Eating Smart and End Emotional Eating: (Allow Your Mind to Absorb Sound and Proven Strategies for Effective Eating Patterns)

  • Avoiding Food Temptations: (This is Everyone's Favorite! Every Time You Listen You Will Increase Your Ability to Resist Even the Most Tantalizing Temptations! You Will Crave Water Over Snacking and Sodas, and it Will Satisfy You.)

  • Eliminating Sugar-Sweets and Complex Carbohydrate cravingsand Stop Night Time Snacking

  • Exercising Regularly: (Even the Serious Couch Potato Will Become an Exercise Fanatic. You Will Simply Love to Exercise.) Not only will you WANT to exercise but learn about what the latest research shows about High Intensity Interval Training and why 15 minutes a day can change you. This session consist of an actual run through of your exercise program.

  • Appreciating Yourself: (This Session Will Help You Gain a Whole New Respect for Yourself, and for Some People This is the Session That Really Brings Everything Together – It is About So Much More Than Weight Loss)

  • Maintaining Your Weight Loss: This is Not a Temporary Fix, This Time it is FOREVER.


Each one of your personal sessions will be recorded for you to listen to each day. You will be provided with 2 additional recorded sessions for you to listen to, a spreadsheet to record and log in your weight loss success, unlimited email and phone support and much. much more

Complete Audio Program : $750


If your desire is to lose weight and shed those unwanted pounds you must change the way in which you think about food, how you eat, exercise and all the other variables/components involved in your endeavor to get healthy. If you don't change your mind and develop "NEW" habits to overwrite the old ones you are destined to fail.  Even if you lose the weight you want you will simply put it back on since nothing has changed in your mind. And forget willpower, it just will not work.


This program is an in depth weight loss program that re-programs your subconscious mind from top to bottom. It eliminates bad habits and replaces them with the good habits needed to get you healthy. If you want to shed those unwanted pounds this is the program for you. If you are on a specific diet or doing one of the popular TV diets, this program will ensure your success. Experience the amazing results for yourself for a fraction of the cost of in person sessions.


Here is the program outline.


1. Conditioning Hypnosis Session - This session set you for success. 

2. Session 1 – General Weight Loss

3. Session 2 – Eliminating Emotional Eating

4. Session 3 – Portion Control

5. Session 4 – Eliminate Sugar and Carbohydrate Addictions

6. Session 5 – Increase Metabolism

7. Session 6 – Healthy Eating

8. Session 7 – Exercise Motivation

9. Bonus Session - Exercise in your sleep


*Complete program guide and outline to ensure your success.








Hypno-Lab Band Program (Special Offer) : $1,800 (Before Discount $2,500)


Designed for people who are considered Obese and need to shed at minimum of 75lbs. 

Every component of the Lap-Band Surgery is performed under hypnosis and the mind “THINKS” that the surgery has taken place. Call for details.
This program is an intense program that will change your life FOREVER!








Group sessions: Offered for Quit Smoking, Weight Loss and Pain Control are sold as packages ONLY and are discounted to off the regular session prices:

  • Weight Loss 6 sessions for $475 per person (minimum of 3 to a group)

  • Stop Smoking 3 sessions for $200 per person (minimum 3 to a group)

  • Pain Control is 5 sessions and is $375 per person (minimum 3 to a group)


All packages must be paid in full on the initial session to qualify for the discount. Unused Package sessions are Non-refundable,  Non-transferable and cannot be made up if appointment is missed without 24 hour notification.

When you make an appointment that time period will be reserved for you only. I do not over book in case of cancellations and rescheduled appointments. 24 hr notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Unless you give 24 hour notice of a cancellation or to reschedule your appointment you will be charged for the entire session. That session will count as one of your package sessions if you purchased a package.


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