Your Personality

  When people come to me and want to make changes to themselves, they usually come to me because I am the person of last resort. If I had nickel for every person that said that I would have a l lot of nickels. From issues of “anxiety to fear of spiders”, I have dealt with it all.

  What makes me different when I help people, I have learned that a person’s personality plays a major factor in how a person moves forward. In fact, it is a primary tool that I use. I teach people about their personality and the issues of “masking”, how others personality of those close to them has affected and continues to affect them every day.

I can, for the most part, in a few seconds determine a person’s personality and it will guide me how to communicate with them. It allows me to know what words to use, phrases to use as well as tone and approach.

“Personality” what exactly is a personality? Scientist and Doctors argue this point as to what a personality is and the bottom is, they can’t come to an agreement. There are numerous definitions from others and they are all probably right. But here’s my definition.


“A person’s personality is how they sees themselves and how they express themselves to the world, for better or for worse.”


Really simple and straight forward.

  Now the caveat, most people have no idea who they are and how they are viewed by others. The saying “I am who I am and if they don’t like it can …, well you get my point.

  So how do I use personality to help people? I have an idea! Watch the video below and I will tell you.







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