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Before you go any further you should note that this program will need to be interviewed for. There is NO guarantee you will be accepted in to this program. On average 13% of the people who apply are rejected.

Keto Lifestyle Program


The “Keto Lifestyle Program” is an intense program that last for 5-6 weeks. Each week there are sessions and each session builds on the previous session. This program is a program only for people who want the help, direction and to be held accountable. I find that most people who undertake this program are those in a “have to” situation due to health or they are simply sick and tired of failure.

The sessions are either in person or  they are done online. I will send a link to you that you simply click on the link and you will be connected to me by my video conferencing program. You need a computer with a camera and mic, speakers of course. If you don’t have then you can use your smart phone.

First thing is that we meet and go over the plan and find out if you are a candidate for this program. This is an interview for both of us. Once this interview is done, if you are a candidate for my program and if you want to move forward, the process starts. Although the program is set up a specific way it is still a customized for you.

The program consists of 12-14 sessions and includes 2 different audio sessions for you to listen to. If others are needed, then they can be added on an as needed basis for an additional cost.

Prior to the start of the program you will be required to give me and then send me the original,  a two page hand written, in cursive writing, on plain paper (copy paper) without lines. This is VERY important. You will tell me why you want to do this program, what it means to you and the amount of weight your body needs to shed. You will also need to complete the “personality test” located on another webpage.  (Click here to be taken to the Personality Test) Once I have these two things we can move forward.

Below is the basic program outline

Keto Lifestyle Plan

Part 1


  1. Initial hypnosis session: This is to get you comfortable with hypnosis and to condition you for future sessions. This will last anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on you.

  2. The Prep - Starting to get healthy 60-45 minutes

  3. Visualizing success #1

  4. Mind Body connection - Body image

  5. Exercise Motivation - moving the body40-50 minutes

    • Purchase a HIIT timer at - we will go over the specific exercises at this time and you will perform a round that you will be doing Exercise session is for 15 minutes x 5 days a week.

    • Total workout time will be 75 minutes a week

  6. Getting sugar addictions under control – using the band

  7. Carbohydrates addictions under control - using the band

    • I need a list of sugar and carbo's items you have the have the hardest time with. I also need the two food items you really, really like to eat and then two that you will not eat under any circumstance.

  8. Fasting - I will let you know when to pick the dates to do this.

  9. The RIGHT food Choices - Eating the right foods and Portion control

    • Get a 7" inch plate, this will be your eating plate

  10. Eating slower - mind body connection

  11. Binge, Emotional and Boredom Eating

  12. Visualizing success #2

  13. Support session 1

  14. Support session 2


Each morning you will weigh yourself, record the weight and send them to me 2x during the week. You will need to purchase ketone strips


Part Two

The other key component to this program is you must move your body. I really do not like using the word exercise because people think they need to join a gym, take time go to the gym and them actually do something. Well, you don't. This program includes a very simple but effective High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT for short, that lays EVERYTHING out for you. The beauty is all you need to commit to is about 15 minutes 3-4 days per week, THATS IT!!! 

I want you to succeed. I want you to lose the weight you want and look the best you want to....and you can, just follow my program. 

The cost for this program is $1,950.00
NOTE : You will lose the weight you want and need.