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Online Sessions Are Here!

“If you have a smarter than you phone or computer with a camera and microphone you and I can work together from the comfort and privacy of your own home.”


  Hypnosis over the internet! Really? How is it possible to be hypnotized online? Don’t you need to be in the same room with your hypnotherapist?

  No, you don’t. In the same room or online – there is not a dime’s worth of difference in effectiveness and results if you are in the same room or not. The sub-conscious, your sub-conscious does not or will not know the difference.

  To say the internet has changed the way we work, play and communicate is a vast understatement. No longer are we tied to meeting face to face or at a specific location such as an office.

  In the not so distant past, we used to go to a movie theater to watch the just released, popular, must see movie. We call the theater or look up the show times online, get in the car, go to the theater, stand in line to pay for way over priced snacks and drinks, go in to a big dark room with a bunch of other people and sit down. You pray that some ding-dong does not talk to loudly or use their phone in the middle of the experience that we are paying for. Then you need to go to the bathroom but don’t want to get up because you will miss something.

  Today, you cannot drag me to a movie theater, and I am betting you are and feel the same way. We stream the movies we want to watch and when we want to watch all in the comfort and safety of our own homes.

  And let’s not forget with the recent changes due to the global pandemic – the traditional systems, like the economic, financial and especially social, have crumbled around us in a matter of weeks. Yet, life must and will go on, we simply adjust.

  Unfortunately, it will take a while before the world is ready to get back to social contact in a group or one-on-one settings.

  Today, we must do two things as time goes on:

  1. stay emotionally stable

  2. take care of our physical health


  Okay, what do you need? To connect with each other, I use the “ZOOM” platform because it works on any computer or smartphone across the board. It’s very simple. I email you a link, you click on it that link and we are connected. I will send you a separate email with a PayPal link to make your purchase. It’s that simple!

  What you need to do on your end is the following:

  1. A set of ear buds or headphones. These will be very helpful to block outside noises and helps you to stay focused and able to concentrate.

  2. A smart phone with a headphone jack or computer with a camera, audio and microphone.

  3. You will need a quite space and a place to get comfortable. A place to sit or recline and have your head able to be supported.

  4. You will set up your camera so that I can see you from your waist to your top of your head.


Note: When your session starts it is only necessary that I see you. I most always cut the video feed to my camera so you can concentrate without having to feel you need to see me, because you do not. Can I work with you with just a phone connection? Yes, under certain conditions.


  For me, having an online hypnotherapy practice means I'm able to expand and help more of my dream clients all over the world achieve exactly what they want with hypnosis. For my clients, those that have tried both methods (remotely & in-person) will tell you there is absolutely no difference in the session experience-- in fact, when given the choice, most have hands down chosen Zoom over in-office sessions.


  This also gives me and you the ability to do last minute, unscheduled sessions to meet your time requirements.


  Benefits of Online Hypnosis Sessions:

  Here are 4 benefits of with me over the Internet.


  • Imagine not having to travel to and from the hypnosis office, this is great for agoraphobics and driving fears clients. And tell me the thought of achieving your goals in your comfiest clothes doesn't sound amazing! In the comfort and privacy of your own home, office or hotel

  • You are able to have a hypnosis session with me from anywhere in the world that has cell service or internet service for your computer.

  • Never missing a session due to travel.

  • And, in most cases you are able to go into a deeper hypnotic trance because let’s face it, you feel safer in your own environment.



  • Being willing to do a HypnoZoom sessions increases your options immeasurably. This is great for you, because you are now able to choose the Hypnotist who feels best for you, not just the person in your town (assuming you even have a Certified Hypnotherapist close by, most people don’t). Ability over proximity!Isn't technology grand? :)


     And, It Simply WORKS!

  • As stated above, the use of remote hypnotherapy via Zoom is just as effective as an in-person session (some have even had better overall experiences due to the fact that they are in their own comfort zones at home). Consider this: hypnosis is all about focused listening & relaxation; physical touch is not a necessary part of a hypnosis session. As long as the client can get comfortable and hear my voice, that's all that’s needed to have a successful, transformative experience!

 OK—so what are you waiting for? 

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