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Behavior Modifications, Life Coach and Corporate Trainer

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Wayne Walker, Master Hypnotist

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 Thank you so much for visiting my website. I work with clients not only in my local area but all over the United States and Canada via my “Internet Video System”. There are things that we all must deal with everyday and that’s the Past, the Present and the Future. So many times, the things from the past make themselves know and affect our present which prevents our ability to look towards our future.  We all have issues that we would like to deal with, some are worse than others, some are just in the back of our mind but there are some that are constantly affecting us in one way or another.

If you are tired of seeing Doctors and getting no where other then being handed a bottle of pills or have been to traditional therapist month after month and year after year the time is NOW to investigate how Reflective Mind Hypnosis can help you. You may be saying “Hypnosis!, What can hypnosis do for me?” the answer is, it can do a lot for you. If you have a problem with the word Hypnosis, then just use the term “Sub-conscious Mind Realignment and Mapping Expert”, because that's what we do.


 It does not matter what your issues are, Reflective Mind Hypnosis can probably help you to one degree or another. Set up an Interview/Consultation now to see if you are a candidate that we feel we can help and have an impact on.

How it Works?

Hypnosis works; there is no doubt about it. Hypnosis may seem a bit mysterious, but the principles are simple, natural, and safe. I have yet to meet a person that could not benefit from hypnosis. How can a person overcome bad habits, anxiety, depression, PTSD, negative feelings, fears and phobias after years or even decades of struggle with just a few sessions of hypnosis?


Take a look at a few of the areas below that we work with people on. You owe it to yourself to at least investigate the possibilities.

Hypnosis can Help with : 

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You owe it to yourself to explore EVERY option to improve your life without the need

for drugs and wasting a whole lot of time and your hard earned money.

Reflective Mind Hypnosis - Harlingen Texas, Texas

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Mind Hypnosis Texas

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Phone :956-622-7989

Cell : 956-517-9111

Mind Hypnosis Harlingen Texas
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