Are you familiar with the hCG diet?

Are you currently in the process of doing the hCG diet?


Whether you doing this hCG diet on your own or under the care of a doctor it does not matter, we can make it more effective and make it last. By utilizing the hCG Hypnosis Program you will be 30 times more successful using this program than without.


We have a solution for all your challenges with the hCG diet. As with any other diet they all work! The challenge is following the diet as it's laid out. Have you asked yourself time and time again why you can't stick to a diet? Even the hCG diet?


The reason is simple. If you don't change your mind, then you're going to fail. Sure you may lose the weight but in the end you're probably going to gain it back. With our new "hCG diet success program" we help you overcome all of these challenges. You may be asking yourself how we do this? Well, both myself and my wife, Deborah, have experienced the same pitfalls that you have when trying to lose weight. That is until we started using a specific methodology that we developed utilizing hypnosis.


We have always helped people lose weight with hypnosis. And we've been very successful with it. But we found that with the hCG diet there is absolutely no reason why anybody cannot achieve the success they want. If you know anything about the hCG diet you already know why it works. It's not the fact does it work. It is the question as with any diet, can you stick with?


To have any sort of success with diets or food modification you must change your subconscious mind. Because you see, you've already been 'hypnotized' or 'trained' on how to eat. You have been trained on what to eat, when to eat, and you even know what you shouldn't eat, but you do it anyway. This is where specialized program comes in.

Why The HCG Diet Works?


The history of the HCG diet actually dates back to the 1950s, when Dr A.T.W. Simeons (who was researching the hormone in India) noticed that poor pregnant women, who would be considered malnourished by western standards, still produced healthy, well nourished babies.


Following continued studies, he discovered that HCG made the body consume ‘bad fat’ first when the body sensed it was on a low calorie diet. Muscle and ‘healthy fat’ would be preserved, while unsightly, unwanted fat would be used as energy.

How Does The HCG Diet Work?


HCG (full name, Human Chorionic Gonadotropinis) is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy that controls both their weight and the health of their children. The plan combines drops of HCG with a 500 calorie per day diet.


The HCG drops not only act as an appetite suppressant, but help the body shed stubborn fat in the areas of the body where usually it is the hardest to shift. HCG blasts fat in key trouble areas like the upper arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks, while preserving muscle.


For maximum weight loss, it is advised to follow the diet strictly – 500 calories total per day in 3 small meals. This might sound difficult, but alongside the HCG it is surprisingly easy to follow. And, of course, the life-changing weight loss benefits of the diet are so fast, which provides the motivation to stick to the diet.

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