Transform from feeling hopeless and out of control to Revitalized and Empowered. ​

Tailored to cater to the unique needs of men and women separately, Groupnosis fosters comfort and safety within the group dynamics. With bi-monthly Q&A sessions which provide an open forum for all members to share, seek guidance, and shape the direction of the group.

Not a quick fix but a transformative lifestyle change supported by a thriving community.

So commit wholeheartedly to achieve your result!

Space is Limited - 30 people in each group

Here are what to look forward to in the sessions:

Our online virtual program convenes once a week for 90 minutes, providing a structured and supportive environment. At the core of our approach is not just hypnosis but also the Carnivore way of eating—an efficient path to optimal health. Ourfounder, having personally experienced remarkable results, dropped over 60lbsin under 120 days by adopting this lifestyle.

Bi-monthly Q&A sessions provide an open forum for all members to share, seek guidance, and shape the direction of the group.

The course has been crafted to give you what you need to learn to support yourself, those you love and start assisting others in taking back control of their health, wellbeing, and lives.

With our 100+ hour training, you'll understand how hypnosis and the mind works, get the background and theory you need to feel comfortable in this field, start with the very basics of hypnotizing (you don't need any prior experience) and acquire practical skills and application while you build up to advanced therapeutic techniques. We also support you in building your business, so you have the fundamental knowledge for a career in Hypnosis

Before joining your group, a comprehensive orientation and individual hypnosis session, lasting 50-90 minutes, will set the stage for your transformative journey.

Engage with informative materials, videos, and the shared experiences of a supportive community. The last 30 minutes of each session culminate in group hypnosis, addressing various aspects of sticking to the Carnivore way and overcoming challenges like sugar addiction, carb cravings, and more.

Successful completion of the more than 100+hour course welcomes you into certification and membership with the International Certification Board of Coaches and Trainers (ICBCH). This organization is the most dynamic and cutting edge in the World of Hypnosis training today. We want our graduates to be successful, so Wayne Walker prepares you before, during, and after the course to realize your dreams We want our graduates to be successful, so Wayne Walker prepares you before, during, and after the course to realize your dreams

PLUS a pack of Bonuses FREE (including videos of pre-course techniques, self-hypnosis starter kit, post-course discounts and more). And even more discount when you study with a friend. Why? Because we love training people to do Hypnosis and we want you to be a part of it. Bonus pack worth more than $450

A Few Of The Challenges We Tackle Together

  • Sleep issues

  • Aches and pains in the knees

  • Unmanageable blood sugar spikes

  • Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Carbohydrate Addiction

  • Overeating

  • Sugar Addiction

  • Difficulty adhering to a diet

  • BrainFog

  • Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks

Tackle all these and More with Group Hypnosis and the CANIVORE DIET


All of the above and more with affordable pricing. The simplicity of our monthly payment structure allows you to cancel at any time before the start of the next month. Choose the option that suits you best:



Cancel anytime before the start of the next month.

90-Day Commitment


upfront ( all 3 months) or $79 per month

Exclusive Yearly Offer

After the initial 90 days, an even more attractive yearly offer will be presented toyou.

Get 15% discount on any available programs.

You just need to:

It's essential to recognize that certain requirements must be met for participation. These requirements are straightforward but crucial for your success in the program:

  • Commit to the Carnivore Way of Eating

  • Download the Required App

  • Regular Self-Monitoring

  • 90 Day Commitment Period

Working directly with me, receive personalized support to instigate positive transformations in your life.

Reserve your Seat Now

The program is comprehensive and will evolve over time. Secure your spot now, and schedule your orientation to join your group. Take the first step toward a healthier and happier you!

Unlock the incredible potential that lies within!

Whether you're propelled by boundless curiosity or a desire for personal growth, embrace this virtual consultation as the gateway to an extraordinary journey ahead. While your questions may steer the direction, it's the pace of our collective odyssey that sets the rhythm. Let's navigate this path together, charting a course towards your transformation. The new you is just around trhe corner and the adventure begins now!

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