If you are here, it is because you were invited to participate in a "Case Study Interview". You and I can discuss everything here, including your experiences with hypnosis and your sessions, as well as give your feedback on anything you wish to talk about.

Your interaction with me, if you agree and authorize it, will be posted on my YouTube and Rumble channels. Additionally, it may be emailed and/or posted on my website as a Case Study of the Month.

Please click on the image to book the date and time, then choose "Case Study Interview" and you will be able to select the date and time. Just as you received a link to schedule your sessions, you will receive a link to sign in for the interview. The interview will be casual and fun. When it is ready, I will send you a link to review. Just that easy.

Some people like to see others experiencing what they themselves would like to experience so that they will feel comfortable. Furthermore, I have found that this process solidifies and expands the whole hypnosis experience.

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