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“Become a Better Man”
Online Men’s Group


Join a group of men like you each week for 90 minutes to grown and talk all things “men”.

Join us FREE for the first month.

There's no better place than our Men's Group for easy access to support and conversation with other men.


A Few Of The Challenges We Tackle Together

  • Breakup Recovery

  • Nice Guy Syndrome

  • Porn Addiction

  • Relationship Issues

  • Making More Guy Friends

  • Managing Emotions Better

  • Dropping Bad Habits!

  • Better Communication Skills

  • Better Parenting & Family

  • A Short Hypnosis Session at the end of every meeting

  • Help with emotional issues like anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

And so much more!


Click  to "Join US" the group every Thursday evening 7:30pm – 9:00pm starting July 6th, 2023

Thriving discussion community

Topic-specific men’s groups on Zoom   General men’s support groups on Zoom  Social hangouts on Zoom

Resource library:

books, videos, podcasts & more! A Few Of The Challenges We Tackle Together

Breakup Recovery

Breakups, divorces, separations, and infidelities can be BRUTAL to go through. You’ll move through your breakup quicker and easier with a group of guys who can relate and offer guidance. We have specific groups for guys going through a divorce, breakup or infidelity!


Nice Guy Syndrome

Are you a “nice guy” that lacks boundaries? Hearing how other men set and respect healthy boundaries will help you learn how to do the same. We have specific groups for nice guys in recovery where guys share and get stronger with their boundaries!


Porn Addiction

There isn’t a man alive that hasn’t wrestled with porn addiction. The challenge is that it can have dramatic effects on your romantic relationship and sex drive. The good news is that you’re not alone. We have specific groups for porn addiction where guys share daily!


Relationship Issues

Having a group of supportive guys to bounce relationship situations off of and to receive guidance on how to handle relationship stuff in healthier ways, will dramatically improve your relationships. We have specific groups like “saving relationships” and “communication skills for men” that will help.


Making More Guy Friends

As a guy, it’s not easy to find and build friendships. A men’s group is a done-for-you friend service. We find and introduce you to guys that are focused on personal growth and desire community & friends. We also have a number of social hangouts that make it easy to make guy friends.


Managing Emotions Better

Learning from other men how they manage their emotions in healthy ways will help shape how you manage your own feelings. You will develop more emotional intelligence just by being a part of a men’s group. Our specific emotions discussions will be useful to you.


Dropping Bad Habits!

Porn, drugs, gambling, booze, over-eating, and other bad habits are easier to drop when you have a supportive crew of guys that are trying to make similar changes. We’ve had so many guys give up these things for good in part because of their men’s group.


Better Communication Skills

Just having to explain your situation and how you feel about it will sharpen your communication sword. You will also learn how men communicate things in healthy ways with friends, family, and partners.


Better Parenting & Family

Parenting and managing family issues can be challenging a lot of the time. You’ll find these things easier to navigate with a supportive group of guys who are also trying to be better dads and get better at managing family drama.

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